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Mad About Science Incursion

on April 23, 2016

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Experiment 1 – Polymer

We put a hard small marble-like object into some water. Inside the water, the polymer bead expanded and became bendy and squashy. When it was squeezed it crumbled into small pieces.

Changes happen when it joins together, or is mixed with another substance. The properties of the chemicals change what it looks like and feels like.

Experiment 2 – Nappy

We used a pipette filled with water to count how many drops of water would fill a piece of nappy.

What happened? The nappy absorbed (soaked up) the water and expanded (grew bigger). When it was full it was soggy and wet. It crumbled into tiny pieces.

A nappy absorbs water to keep baby dry.

Experiment 3 – Colour changes in chemicals

We used and compared what changes happen to three different liquid chemicals: water, baking soda and vinegar.

We added water to the baking soda to make it into a liquid. Then we added cabbage water to each of the liquids. The cabbage water was an indicator (it tells you what type of chemical it is). Pink – sour / acid, Blue – soapy / base

When we added the cabbage water, the vinegar turned pink (it is an acid), and the baking soda turned blue (it is a base).

Then we added the vinegar (acid) to the baking soda (base) and it was bubbling and fizzing and it changed to a purple colour.

We had created a chemical reaction, and when the acid and base mixed it made a gas.

Experiment 4 – Exploding lunch bag

We put some baking soda into a zip-lock bag and then added some vinegar.

We quickly zip-locked the plastic bag shut and observed the changes.

The baking soda was bubbling and fizzing and the plastic bag expanded until it looked like it would pop.

When the two chemicals mixed it created a chemical reaction, something new – a gas.

Experiment 5 – Alka-seltzer tablet

First Miss K showed us the test-tube and filled it with water. Then she added an Alka-seltzer tablet. We put on the cork and before long “POP!”, the cork flew off. We kept putting the cork in and “Pop, pop, pop” it kept exploding off the top of the test-tube.

This was a chemical reaction that created a gas, which is why the cork popped out. It was funny, thrilling and attention-grabbing.

Experiment 6 – Oil and Water

We looked at a small bottle filled with oil and blue coloured water. The oil was sitting on top of the water.

When the bottle was shaken up the water and oil mixed together. When it was left to sit still for a while, the oil separated from the water and went back to the top.

This is called a physical change because it makes something look different but does not change into something new.

We loved our Chemistry Chaos Incursion.

It was interesting, exciting and fun.

It made us curious about science and how chemicals react and change.

We learned some new scientific vocabulary and interesting facts about our world.

It will be fun to go home and try out some more fascinating, thought-provoking and stimulating experiments.

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